H-3 Trainees and Exchange Visitors Visa

The H-3 Trainees and Exchange Visitors Visa are for trainees and special education exchange visitors coming to the United States for a temporary visit. An H-3 visa is designed to provide trainees and exchange visitors with job-related training for work that they will ultimately perform outside the United States.

Definition of Trainees:

  • Individuals who want to receive training, other than graduate or medical education training, that is not available in their country.
  • Individual must be invited by an individual or organization for the purpose of receiving training in any field including but not limited to commerce, communications, finance, government, transportation, agriculture, or other professions.
  • An H-3 Trainee can stay in the United States for up to two years.

Definition of Special Education Exchange Visitors:

  • Individuals who will participate in a special education exchange visitor training program for children with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities.
  • An H-3 Exchange Visitor can stay in the United States for up to 18 months.

H-3 Trainees and Exchange Visitor Visa holders must be admissible into the United States; "admissible" means not having certain criminal or immigration violation history and/or undesirable traits identified by the United States government.

The H-3 Visa application process is complex. To increase the chances for approval of the H-3 Trainees and Exchange Visitor visa, the experienced immigration lawyers at the Law Office of Shane D. Scott will assist the H-3 Visa applicant with the application process and for the consulate interview, if desired. For assistance with the H-3 Visa, contact our office at 800.230.0744 or sscott@shanescottlaw.com or Skype: shanescottlaw.

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