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The Law Office of Shane D. Scott, P.C. represents people in New York with complex matters that can have implications for themselves and their families. Shane D. Scott is a Queens real estate lawyer, representing people interested in residential and commercial property in the New York area. Attorney Scott also helps clients to seek justice in the event of potentially life-altering injuries due to the negligent acts of others. In addition, the firm also advocates for immigrants who desire to remain in the United States.

Real Estate

Whether your real estate matters involve residential or commercial property, having a skilled and experienced attorney go over contracts and other documentation with you is a wise investment. The person purchasing their first home or the business owner selling a building doesn’t want to find themselves in a legal dispute, only to realize that the contract they signed did not take into account the scenario that they are faced with.

Purchase of Residential Property

If the seller’s attorney prepares the initial draft of a contract, the buyer’s lawyer will most often add an addendum, or rider, to the contract prior to negotiations with the seller. Once the contract is signed, the down payment is deposited in an escrow account, a title report is ordered, and information associated with mortgage applications submitted to lenders. Additionally, closing costs must be calculated. The homebuyer’s attorney plays a crucial role in this process.

Sale of Residential Property

The seller’s attorney usually composes the first draft of contract of sale and attaches a rider, or addendum, with additional terms. Once the contract is signed, the seller’s attorney will receive the down payment from the buyer and check the title report for any outstanding issues. If the seller had a mortgage, their attorney will request documentation regarding amount due. A Queens real estate attorney will also prepare closing documents and determine the amount of money due at closing.

Purchase of Commercial Property

The commercial real estate attorney performs several important functions on behalf of their client, whether the purchase in question involves retail, hotel, office, mixed-use, or other types of property investments. A skillful lawyer will review and negotiation the sale contract, investigate any outstanding legal issues, represent their client in financing matters, and calculate costs due at closing. A real estate attorney can also provide valuable insight regarding leasing matters.

Sale of Commercial Property

A commercial real estate lawyer representing a property seller assists with a number of tasks in the sale process, including negotiation of the contract of sale document and determination of closing costs. The property seller’s lawyer is also present for the transfer of title. Should the need arise, the attorney serves as legal counsel in court appearances. A consultation with an experienced real estate lawyer in Queens is a sound idea for those considering selling commercial property.

Bank Closings

Depending upon the type of real estate transaction, a number of issues and documents may be covered in the closing process, including an itemization of all closing costs, lending statement outlining the terms of mortgage loan(s), and the property transfer document (deed). Affidavits affirming statements by one or both parties and documentation regarding homeowner’s insurance coverage are also part of the closing process. An organized real estate attorney is vital to a successful closing.

Foreclosure Prevention

A property owner has legal options in the event they face the threat of foreclosure. A savvy attorney can represent a property owner in various loan modification scams and attempted deed theft, offer guidance to a homeowner considering a reverse mortgage, and help with liens on the property related to tax matters and water service issues. If a loan modification is not possible, a competent real estate attorney in Queens can represent their client at trial.

Loan Modifications

If a property owner is financially stressed and not in a position to make payments to a financial institution in a timely manner, a loan modification may be appropriate. A real estate attorney can assist a person contemplating a modification of a loan by performing a detailed analysis of the terms of the financial agreement and the property owner’s income and expenses prior to any discussion with the servicer of the loan.

Short Sales

The short sale of a home may be the best option if threatened with foreclosure. In such a situation, the lender allows for the sale of the property for less than the owner owes on the loan in order to avoid foreclosure. If multiple lenders are involved, each would be required to agree to the short sale. An attorney can assist the property owner in deciding whether a short sale is the best approach under the circumstances.

Personal Injury Cases

Regardless of the nature of an accident, the injured person is concerned with healing, how their life may be altered as a result of the accident, and how those they support will be provided for going forward. Some accident cases are fairly straight forward. More complex accidents may require extensive investigation to determine the party or parties at fault and damages the victims are eligible to collect.

Car Accidents

A passenger car accident victim can seek as much as $50,000 over the course of three years, regardless of which party was determined to be at fault. Pain and suffering resulting from injuries sustained in an accident may result in an award of compensation under certain circumstances. Accident victims may be able to obtain additional compensation in court or via negotiations with the negligent driver’s insurance company.

Medical Malpractice

Individuals trust that their doctors will do their utmost to prevent harming the patient. Unfortunately, some procedures do not go according to plan and, upon investigation, it is determined that medical errors resulted in harm. State law requires that malpractice lawsuits be brought in a timely manner, so it is best for the injured person to meet with a lawyer as soon as possible.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can lead to injuries from minor bruising to more severe compound fractures and, in some cases, death. Regardless of the severity of the injury, a person lawfully allowed to visit property generally expects their time there to be free from hazardous conditions that could lead to injury. A proper investigation of the accident scene by an experienced attorney can make a successful outcome more likely.

Construction Accidents

The possibility of suffering injury while on the job is a daily reality for construction workers. State law mandates safety provisions be in place to prevent the types of injuries that can result from falling construction materials, collapsing scaffolding, and other hazards. Determining the party ultimately responsible for a worker’s injuries may depend on the relationship of the injured worker to the general contractor on the project.

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I had the pleasure of hiring Shane as my Real Estate attorney. He is the epitome of professionalism and efficiency. Closing on a house can be convoluted, tedious and stressful unless you work with Shane. There was no problem big enough for him or anything he didn't immediately tackle. I had full...

- Gaudí T.

Shane has been giving me real estate advice even before I hired him as my lawyer. He gives great and sound advice, explains everything and he always return my calls fast.

- Vena.

As a 1st time seller in the borough of Queens and upon a verbal recommendation I utilized Attorney Shane Scott. He was extremely helpful as my closing attorney, and knowledgeable throughout the whole process.

- Delores.

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