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Purchase of Residential Property, Sale of Residential Property, Purchase of Commercial Property, Sale of Commercial Property, Short Sales, Foreclosure Prevention, Loan Modification, Leases, Bank Closings

Are you about to sell or purchase residential or commercial real estate in New York? If yes, then you should seek the advice of the New York real estate lawyers at the Law Office of Shane Scott before embarking on such transactions. Our New York real estate law firm has extensive experience in representing purchasers and sellers of commercial and residential properties. As you know, real estate transactions are extremely complex and involve a large amount of money, therefore, you need a real estate attorney who will protect your interest.

Our real estate law firm assists clients with drafting and negotiating real estate contracts for all types of real estate transactions including but not limited to residential properties, commercial properties, Condos and Co-ops. We also work with title companies to clear all liens and violation from title and follow through with representing our real estate clients at the closings. Our New York real estate attorneys will protect your interest on any real estate transactions.


Truck Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Pharmacy Error, Construction Site Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Car Accidents, Bus Accidents, Boat Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Crane Accidents

Have you or your loved ones sustained personal injury in an accident? The New York City personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Shane Scott have gained thorough experience over the years in assisting clients receive compensation for serious personal injuries sustained in a wide range of accidents. The insurance companies are not there to help you get money for your pain and suffering therefore you must contact an aggressive, experienced New York City personal injury lawyer immediately after you’ve been injured.

Our personal injury law firm believes that you should be compensated in relation to the extent of your personal injuries and we work diligently to achieve that goal. Our personal injury law office is conveniently located in Manhattan, New York City and Jamaica, Queens, but, if necessary, one of personal injury lawyers will meet you in Brooklyn, Bronx and Long Island or even in upstate New York. Our New York City personal injury attorneys will make sure you receive money for your pain and suffering.


Business Green Card, EB-5 Business Green Card, Family Green Card, Fiancé Visas, VAWA Self petition, Adjustment of Status, Deportation, Motion to Reopen, Waivers and Appeals, Entertainment Visas, Religious Worker Visa

Are you or a family member experiencing problems related to immigration law ? With many years of solid immigration law experience, the New York immigration attorneys at the Law Office of Shane Scott have assisted numerous small and large business entities, families and individuals with a wide variety of U.S. immigration related issues. We know that immigration law is very complex, so we skillfully guide each of our immigration clients through the process thereby securing the best results; as a simple error on your immigration paperwork may result in severe consequences for you or your family members. Such severe consequences may include you or your loved ones being deported or denied legal entry into the United States. Immigration laws change daily so you need an immigration attorney who is abreast on all the latest changes to immigration law. Our immigration lawyers are members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

It is our primary goal for you and your loved ones to legally stay in the United States. Our New York immigration lawyers will represent you anywhere in the USA and around the world.

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