Hospital and Health Care Provider Mistakes (Errors)

According to a national study, as many as ninety eight thousand (98,000) individuals die each year in the United States as a result of medical mistakes made by hospitals and/or health care providers. While hospital mistakes cause a high amount of deaths, sadly many of these errors are often repeated. Hospital and health care provider negligence can occur from the minute an individual walks though the door of his local hospital until he is discharged. There is a very long list of hospital and health care provider mistakes, some of the common ones are:

  • Surgical mistake – These are the type of mistakes that usually get the most press. Some examples are: operating the wrong body part, medical devices left inside the patient during surgery, dropping a patient during surgery or transportation, paralysis as a result of a severed nerve during surgery. As one can imagine, these types of mistake usually have devastating results. In the case of medical devices left in the patient, the patient will require further surgeries to remove the device and correct the initial problem.

  • Birth Injuries – Per a national study, there are seven birth injuries for every one thousand births. Birth injuries are injuries that may occur just before, during or immediately after the birth of a child. There are numerous injuries that may occur as a result of birth trauma. Some birth injuries include birth asphyxia (depravation of oxygen), brain damage, cerebral palsy, brachial plexus palsy, subdural hemorrhage, epidural hemorrhage, shoulder dystopia and uterine rupture.

    Not only are such injuries traumatic to the infant but parents and loved ones will forever be devastated by the emotional and financial burdens that come with such birth injuries. In most birth injury cases, the injured child will need adult supervision and care for the rest of his/her life. The laws of New York seek to lessen the financial burden on the parents and loved one of injured children by holding the OB-GYN/obstetric practitioner and/or hospital liable for the injury sustained. While money can never fully compensate for such injuries to a child, it will help to lessen the financial burden on the parents and family members.

  • Misdiagnosis – This is where the doctor or health care provider makes an error in judgment and fails to properly diagnose the patient or in other cases the diagnosis is completely wrong.

  • Medication Mistake – This mistake can take many forms such as the wrong drug being administered or the correct drug administered but in the incorrect dosage.

  • Failure to Act – failure to diagnose a medical condition or injury; failure to fully inform a patient of risks associated with a medical procedure; failure to order the necessary tests that would have diagnosed a serious medical condition; failure to provide necessary treatment because a patient does not have health insurance; failure to adequately monitor a condition.

  • Other – Performing a medical procedure that said medical professional is not licensed to perform.

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