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Despite the pre-market testing requirements of the Food and Drug Administration, every year thousands of Americans suffer serious injury or even death from using prescription drugs, over-the-counter remedies or other healthcare products. If you or a family member may have been harmed by a pharmaceutical product, you should immediately contact a New York pharmaceutical injury attorney.

Pharmaceutical Injury Law in New York

While a sloppy pharmacy in a hospital, clinic or store may mis-fill a prescription or make other errors, not all pharmaceutical injuries arise from a dispenser’s malpractice. Sometimes a pharmaceutical product can be defective, improperly designed or tested, or unreasonably dangerous without adequate warnings for some patients. We all remember news stories about government recalls and private lawsuits over tragic cases where, for instance, anti-depressant drugs prompted patient suicides, or hemophilia medicines caused patients to develop AIDS.

Drug makers may also fail to disclose known risks of their products, such as side effects or dangerous interactions between a new drug and other drugs a patient is already taking. In some cases, pharmaceutical companies have even been discovered promoting an existing product to health care providers, urging them to prescribe it for other conditions for which it has not received government approval.

Even some over-the-counter products, like vitamins and supplements, can raise serious problems for users. Similarly, a wide range of medical devices — joint replacements, heart pacemakers and stents, birth control products, and many more –may also be defective or unreasonably dangerous.

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If a pharmaceutical injury has affected you or someone in your family, don’t hesitate to seek expert advice and assistance in obtaining the compensation to which you may be entitled. Pharmacy cases routinely raise complex medical and scientific issues. They may become part of complex legal processes like class-action, mass tort or multi-district litigation. Let our expertise and experience help you obtain the best outcome possible in your pharmaceutical injury case. The major pharmaceutical companies don’t lack for skilled advocates with ample resources.

For a free consultation with an experienced New York pharmaceutical injury attorney, call the Law Office of Shane D. Scott, PC toll-free at (800) 230-0744. There is absolutely no risk or obligation to you. If we work on your case, we will make sure you understand the issues and the process involved. You will not have to pay us attorney’s fees or expenses unless we get you a satisfactory settlement or win your case in court.

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