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Most people would agree that New York City is the entertainment capital of the world where art, artist and entertainers have a tremendous marketplace to show case their craft. Not only do we have a tremendous amount of local talents, but also numerous international artist and entertainers have made New York City a major stop on their various US tours. To this end our New York artist and entertainment visa lawyers have made it possible for numerous international artist and entertainers to get the opportunity to perform here in tri-state of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Our law office is here to assist artists and entertainers who are established and even those who are not so established to get their visa to perform in the US.

Individuals With Extraordinary Ability or Achievement: O-Visa

The O-1A is a temporary employment based visa for individuals who possess extraordinary ability or achievement in sciences, arts, education, business or athletics that has been demonstrated by sustained national or international acclaim. Or if in a motion picture or TV production (O-1B), the individual must have “a demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement.” In addition, said individual must be coming to work or perform at an event or series of events in the area of his/her extraordinary ability. O-1 visas are granted for up to three years; however, it may be extended in single year increments if the same work continues.

Some Requirements for O Visa

Employer must show that the artist have extraordinary ability and have received sustained national or international acclaim. This can be proven by showing that the artist have gotten a major internationally recognized award#bbinclude “” or accomplished at least three of the below:

  • Received a nationally recognized award
  • Received membership in an organization that requires outstanding achievements
  • Published information in a professional or trade journal or major media about the artist’s craft.
  • Work as a judge on the work of others in the field
  • Employer petitioning for the artist may submit evidence to show “extra-ordinary”
  • Has commanded or will command a high salary when compare to similar artists.

Example of individuals who may qualify for a O visa, includes but is not limited to:

  • Writers
  • Athletes
  • Performing Artists
  • Singers
  • Producers
  • Visual Artists
  • Directors
  • Set and lighting and sound designers
  • Makeup Artists
  • Chorographers
  • Culinary Artists

Internationally Recognized Athlete, Athletic Team or Entertainment Croup: P-1 Visa

The P visa is a temporary employment based visa for athletes or athletic teams that is internationally recognized or a person who performs as an integral part of an entertainment group. As with the O-visa, the individuals must be coming to the United State to participate in a particular event, competition or performance. This may include promotional appearances and incidental stopovers, and can be for an entire season, itinerary and contract.

Requirements for P-1 Visa

Athletes: Must prove that: (a) individual or team is internationally recognized status; (b) competition is recognized; and (c) competition requires individuals or team(s) with international recognition. Must also provide contract with major US sport league or team or international sporting event and at least two of the below:

  • Significant participation at the sport’ major league level;
  • International competition with a national team;
  • Significant participation at the college level;
  • Written statement from US official about individual’s or team’s international recognition;
  • Written statement from expert or sports media regarding international recognition;
  • Individual or team ranking;
  • Honor or award received by individual or team in the particular sport; or
  • Perform as a professional athlete employed by either a professional sports team or minor league team.

Example of athletes who may qualify for a P visa, includes but is not limited to:

  • Athlete who performs at an international level
  • Some amateur athlete or coach of sports team
  • Ice skater who performs with a group or individually

Artist / Entertainment Group: Group must (1) be internationally recognized for sustained and substantial period of time; (2) 75% of the members must have been performing together for one year or more. Note that both international recognition and the one-year performing together rule may be waived for entertainers and performers. The petition must include proof that the group has been nominated or has received significant international recognition or any three of the below:

  • Lead or star in performance with distinguished reputation
  • Reviewed in major publication(s)
  • Lead or star in performance for organization with distinguished reputation
  • Major commercial success
  • Group commands high salary
  • Testimonial regarding group’s achievements

Entertainer to Perform Under a Reciprocal Exchange Program: P-2 Visa

The P-2 visa is a temporary employment based visa for artist or entertainer who will perform under a reciprocal exchange program between an organization in the United State and an organization in another country.

Requirements For P-2 Visa

To qualify, the artist or entertainer must be entering the United States through a government recognized reciprocal exchange program. Furthermore, artist or entertainer must show that he/she possesses similar skills to the US artist or entertainer who will take part in the event outside of the United States.

Entertainer to Be Part of a Culturally Unique Event: P-3 Visa

The P-3 visa is a temporary employment based visa for artist or entertainer who will perform, teach or coach either individually or as a group at culturally unique events.

Requirements for P-3 Visa

To qualify, the entertainer(s) must be coming for the purpose of developing, interpreting, representing, coaching, or teaching a unique or traditional ethnic, folk, cultural, musical, theatrical, or artistic performance or presentation. In addition, the events must be for furthering the understanding or development of that particular art form.

We at the Law Office of Shane D. Scott are commitment to providing the best representation to individuals who are in the entertainment industry. Our New York City entertainment immigration lawyers will make it possible for you to express your art form in the United States. For assistance with entertainment based visa contact our office at (800) 230-0744 or sscott@shanescottlaw.com or Skype: shanescottlaw.

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