Bus Accident and School Bus Accident

New York Bus Accident Lawyers

Public and school buses are a necessary part of our daily lives and a critical mode of transportation for most New Yorkers. As a matter of fact, thousands of students ride school buses daily in New York State. Similarly, thousands of other New Yorkers ride public and private buses daily. Many of these buses are old, not properly maintained and many do not have proper restraints. As a result, thousands of students and adults are injured each year as a result of bus accidents. While some accidents may result in only minor injuries, many leave passengers with serious injuries and even death.

Bus accidents and school bus accidents are usually caused by:

  • bus driver inattention/distraction
  • bus driver following too closely
  • failure to yield right of way
  • unsafe lane changes
  • unsafe speed
  • defective brakes
  • slippery road or pavement
  • driver under the influences of drugs and/or alcohol
  • defective tires

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