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Bicycling can be an inexpensive way to get around, and a pleasant pastime, but it can also be dangerous, most often because of inattentive drivers. Unfortunately, since most bicycle accidents involve an unprotected bike rider mismatched against a heavy enclosed vehicle, catastrophic or even fatal injuries can result.

Intersections are especially dangerous: 45% of car-bike collisions occur there. Head injuries are the most common cause of death in fatal bicycle accidents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimate head injuries cause between 62% and 70% of all bicycle-related fatalities. Nationwide, bicycle accidents injury about 45,000 individuals and kill about 700 annually.

Bicycle Accident Law in New York

While New York has been a leader in building bike lanes and reminding motorists to share the road with two-wheelers, it’s not uncommon to hear of bikers being sideswiped in traffic, rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light, hit by a driver who failed to yield right-of-way, or “doored” -- knocked off the bike as it passes alongside a parked car whose heedless driver or passenger swings open the car door.

Head, neck or spinal injuries may require long and expensive care and therapy. Even if no permanent injury results, an injured bike rider may face long recuperation, extensive medical and therapist bills, and be unable to work for some time.

There are other potential cases where bike riders may need legal help. Defective design, manufacture or repair of bicycles or component parts can also cause accidents, and bicyclists who disregard safety rules can injure pedestrians or other bicyclists.

Free Consultation: Experienced New York City Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you or someone in your family was harmed in a bicycle accident, you should consult an experienced New York bicycle accident lawyer, to get reliable, expert advice on how you can hold the responsible person accountable and obtain fair compensation for damages such as medical care, needed therapy, lost wages and pain and suffering. For a free consultation with a New York bicycle accident attorney, call the Law Office of Shane D. Scott, PC toll-free at 800-230-0744, at no risk or obligation to you.

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