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Real StateWe at the Law Office of Shane D. Scott are highly experienced in handling the most complex real estate transactions. Our real estate practice encompasses all areas and types of real estate negotiations, such as the representation of buyers and sellers, foreclosure prevention via loan modification, bankruptcy, short sales, court appearances and deed-in-lieu-of foreclosures, as well as the preparation of leases, deed transfers and transfer document (ACRIS) in residential and commercial real estate transactions.

In addition to working with buyers and seller in typical commercial and residential legal proceedings we also specialize in condominium, cooperative, and REO transactions. Furthermore, the mortgage crisis has allowed us to assist clients dealing with foreclosure prevention and in-foreclosure-status dilemmas. Our foreclosure prevention work generates results with solutions that enable homeowners to remain in their homes such as through loan modifications and forbearance. We also respect our clients’ decision to leave their homes which require alternative foreclosure prevention methods such as deed-in-lieu-of foreclosures and short sales. Clients facing in-foreclosure proceedings have benefited from court representation along with the application of the appropriate foreclosure avoidance procedures.

Our head attorney, Shane D. Scott is always highly recommended due to his multi-faceted experience as: former counsel at one of the top three (3) title insurance companies, commercial property owner and manager, and real estate broker. These respective past and present enterprises have given him a multi-dimensional understanding and insight to truly understand the intricacies of real estate transactions from different perspectives which gives our clients the upper hand in assessing whether their transaction is viable and generally speaking a “good investment”.

Regardless of the real estate matter we are able to meet our clients’ needs by providing a professional, attorney intensive and efficient relationship. For the technologically savvy client we provide up-to-date case status via email and text messages along with traditional forms of communication. Our attorneys handle every case with the utmost care as our firm relies greatly on referrals.

If you would like to discuss you real estate concern with Shane D. Scott, then kindly contact our office at 800-230-0744 or via email at . We look forward to providing you with solutions for your real estate transactions.

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